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Market Research

Successful products are defined by their markets and great ideas can fail to gain traction if aimed at the wrong segment. It is only through a deep understanding of an existing marketplace that new products are able to be correctly positioned in terms of differentiation and needs addressed. At The GIG we start each project by diving into the space in which our clients lie. We leverage our broad network of experienced professionals from many industries to gain the fullest understanding of the market and offer initial recommendations on the best product/market fit.  

User identification

Identifying the type of user you are designing for is imperative in the early stages of development in order to allow your company to make more focused and efficient decisions. Establishing who these users are is often not a straightforward task. At The GIG we continually hypothesise and test product iterations with different groups representing real end users. Through this constant validation of our work we are able to pivot early and often through targeted design, creating more streamlined development and ultimately a better product.

Product design and iteration

For The Growth Innovation Group learning means building. From day one of development we insist on continuously creating prototypes. These mockups, which are produced at various levels of fidelity, are then tested with users to verify every detail of a final product, from its form to the interaction someone experiences whilst using it. This testing ensures that we are constantly challenging assumptions, leading to fully informed decisions. When our clients ship their products, they are the best they can possibly be.

Agile business development

As products develop the businesses around them must grow to sustain continued progress. From the outset The GIG helps clients define a suitable business timeline to achieve lean, yet effective growth. Ultimately, as clients approach the scaling of their business into the growth stage The GIG combines their knowledge of the product and the design industry to help build an in-house team of top talent to continue growing your present and future ideas.

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The core mission of The Growth Innovation Group is to act as a catalyst for progress. We have a depth of expertise, which we leverage to provide the best platform possible to help young businesses thrive and create amazing products.

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