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We turn good ideas into great companies
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The Growth Innovation Group is a design strategy firm that provides entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to make their venture successful. We specialize in the integrated development of early stage startups, building disruptive technologies and businesses. The GIG helps young businesses thrive by providing multidisciplinary teams of innovators to fill the knowledge and personnel gaps often found in high growth startups – we fill these gaps for only the most promising companies. We firmly believe that founders we work with have the best chance of success by focusing on their strengths and leveraging the complementary skills of The GIG. Our areas of expertise include market research, user identification, product design and iteration, and agile business development. The GIG adds value to young ventures by applying design-led principles to companies as a whole, producing more efficient and effective growth of both the team and their products. Through our holistic approach we have innovated the process of growth itself.


The core mission of The Growth Innovation Group is to act as a catalyst for progress. We have a depth of expertise, which we leverage to provide the best platform possible to help young businesses thrive and create amazing products.

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The Growth Innovation Group is at the forefront of new product development. We provide a unique service tailored specifically towards agile startup culture. We are meticulous professionals who are not afraid to take calculated risks and are able to learn important insights at every stage of a company’s development. We are fiercely loyal to our clients and are totally committed to the success of their products – our own reputation and success rely on it. The commitment we make to our partners’ success is exemplified by our progressive revenue model, combining equity and reduced consulting fees.

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